Hearts meet, dreams shine, unannounced!

  • Products: Floor screens, LED mesh screens
On the evening of October 22, the opening ceremony of the 4th Asian Para Games was held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. In the process of the activity, as a representative image of the opening ceremony of the "golden laurel" throughout, from "golden laurel flower" to "golden laurel crown" to "golden laurel tree" constantly changing, and through technological means of integration of song and dance performances, thematic short films and so on. 
The "Golden Laurel", as the representative image of the opening ceremony, was displayed throughout, changing from "Golden Laurel Flower" to "Golden Laurel Crown" to "Golden Laurel Tree", and integrating various forms of expression such as song and dance performances and themed short films through scientific and technological means to deliver beauty and blessings to athletes from different countries and all audiences with full of attractions.