The difference between LED transparent screen, LED grid screen and traditional conventional screen?
As the traditional conventional screen products do not meet these special application scenarios, LED transparent screen and LED grid screen came into being. Based on its many special advantages and features and conventional screen can not bring the video effect, LED transparent screen and LED grid screen is more and more sought after by customers.LED transparent screen, LED grid screen has a good permeability, is the fundamental factor of the application of different scenarios, but also the designer's original intention and design concept. In addition, LED transparent screen, LED grid screen unique structural design, lighter, thinner and more technological and artistic beauty.
What are the LED grid screen application scenarios?
Stage beauty: LED grid screen can be built according to the stage modeling diversification, the use of LED screen itself transparent, thin and light characteristics, resulting in a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer.
Science and technology museum: science and technology museum is an important scene to disseminate scientific knowledge, LED grid screen can be customized according to the shape, as a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the wonders of science and technology through the LED grid screen.
Glass curtain wall: the characteristics of the LED grid screen makes the installation does not need too much steel structure, so the degree of influence on the surface of the glass curtain wall is reduced, the installation cost is reduced, is a large glass curtain wall display is not a good choice.
The future trend of LED grid screen?
With the city landscape construction, tourist attraction construction, cultural and creative construction continues to accelerate the pace, LED grid screen is becoming more and more a part of urban construction. Relative to lighting strip products, LED grid screen has absolute advantages in color, display content, market value, LED grid screen color variety, can display text, pictures and video, in addition LED grid screen can bring long-lasting advertising revenue through cooperation with media companies. Relative to the traditional conventional screen, LED grid screen in the installation, maintenance, transparency, plasticity has an overwhelming advantage, LED grid screen light weight, fast installation, demand for small steel structure, more suitable for outdoor high-rise glass curtain wall large area installation, LED grid screen is soft, lightweight, more suitable for large-scale stage activities, creative design and scientific and technological aesthetics display. In addition, LED grid screen high transmittance, more suitable for high-rise glass curtain wall advertising and color effect display. Therefore, LED grid screen is more and more used in the international stage, such as the Olympic Games, Winter Olympics and the World Cup.
How to choose the right LED grid screen for your customers?
LED grid screen, also known as large-pitch LED display, is mainly used in many scenarios such as large-scale building facades and glass curtain walls, large-scale stage activities, creative design and city landscape lighting. Usually we will recommend the right LED grid screen for our customers according to the project size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirement and project effect.
How to choose the right transparent screen for your customers?
Transparent screen is the most important feature is the permeability, permeability is the majority of customers prioritized factors, but not the higher the permeability the better.
Pixel pitch is also a crucial factor in the selection of transparent screen products, pixel pitch is not the smaller the better. When comprehensively considering the cost-effectiveness of transparent LED display, the dot pitch is an element that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, transparent screen pixel pitch is related to the display accuracy of the screen, application scenarios require more LED lamp beads, inevitably at the cost of losing some of the permeability, and high permeability happens to be the biggest advantage of LED transparent display, it is one of the determinants of the price of transparent LED display, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher the price of the LED display is naturally, corresponding to the playback effect is also better.
Therefore, when encountering transparent screen project, we should comprehensively consider the project area, viewing distance and project effect requirements, etc., not a single pursuit of pixel pitch or transmittance rate.
What creative designs can LED grid screens be used for?
LED grid screen is mainly used in shaped display and 3D display.
Shaped display; mainly curved surface display, spherical display, tree display and cone display, etc..
3D display: 3d effect display of 3d string lights in large shopping centers, tourist attractions and science and technology museums, spatial display design for large stage activities, etc.
What is the minimum pitch of your company's LED lamination screen?
The minimum pitch of our LED film screen is P2.5-5!