Xiongan High-speed Railway Station-Grid Screen Case

  • Location: Xiongan, Hebei
  • Area: 1600m²
Xiongan station station front LED large screen contracted by Zhongrun photoelectric, from the material, design to energy saving and environmental protection, all reflect the characteristics of green environmental protection, but also the LED display in the modern building application of a green technology application.
This project uses ultra-light, ultra-thin aluminum alloy embedded LED lights, custom production into P27.25 LED grid light bar, with 75mm spacing, put together into an area of 750 square meters of LED large screen. The screen is both highly translucent and guarantees a clear display.
This project in response to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of LED grille screen, wind load capacity is very strong, the product does not require air conditioning, no other fan heat of auxiliary equipment, electrical energy is more efficiently converted into light energy rather than heat, power saving energy saving and environmental protection.
Products are lightweight, easy to install, easy to use and maintain, making the project become more flexible and more selective.
"The mountains and rivers are safe, the dream of the family and the country," the beautiful prayers, all kinds of humanism, special publicity images, all in front of the station by China Resources Photoelectric contractors of the LED screen one by one to present!