Luminatii Grid Screen Lights Up the 4th Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Development Conference, Inspiring New Power for Mudanjiang Revitalization

  • Location: Ning'an City, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province
  • Area: 2000m²
  • Model: grid screen
The fourth Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Development Conference was successfully concluded on the evening of September 1 with the help of Luminatii grid screen, which perfectly presented the theme of the conference "Mirror Park Scenery - Forest Sea and Snowy Plains" and showed the world audience a new, panoramic, full-experience type of Mudanjiang! Mudanjiang is famous because of the river, beautiful because of the lake, strange because of the snow, and prosperous because of the border. This is Mudanjiang, which is known as the "South River in the North of the Sebei Province, Snow Paradise, and the Home of Fish and Rice".
The fourth Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Development Conference used in the 2000 square grid screen to create the atmosphere of the scene, the use of grid screen on the stage, not only to create a different stage display style, but also reflects the unique advantages of the grid screen in a wide range of display.