Jul. 11, 2019

How to Make the LED Display Life Longer?

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The life of an LED display is determined by a number of factors. However, the end of life caused by many factors can continue to extend life through the replacement of components (such as switching power supplies). LEDs are not likely to be replaced in large quantities, so once the LED life is over, it means the end of the display life. In a certain sense, the life of the LED determines the life of the display.

In general, we can start from two aspects of device manufacturing and device application. In terms of device manufacturing: choose high-quality materials; increase chip area, reduce current density; balance current density; reduce thermal resistance; select packaging materials with excellent performance and strong UV resistance, etc.

From the aspect of device application: heat dissipation is a central work from module design to engineering implementation and even future system maintenance; reducing LED operating current; correctly configuring LEDs, enabling each primary color LED to be synchronously attenuated, etc., can extend the service life of LEDs.

hat is, from the procurement of raw materials, to the standardization and standardization of the production and installation process, the use of LED display screens will have a great impact. The brand of electronic components such as led and IC, to the quality of switching power supplies, are all direct factors affecting the life of LED screens. When planning project, we should specify the specific brand and model of reliable LED, switching power supplies, and other raw materials. In the process of production, you should pay attention to anti-static measures, such as wearing anti-static rings, wearing anti-static clothes, choosing a dust-free workshop and production line to minimize the failure rate. Before leaving the factory, it is necessary to ensure the aging time as much as possible, and the factory pass rate is 100%. In the transportation process, the product should be packed, and the packaging should be fragile. If it is shipping, it is necessary to prevent hydrochloric acid corrosion. The daily maintenance of the LED display is also very important. Regularly clean the dust accumulated on the screen to avoid affecting the heat dissipation function. When playing advertising content, try not to be in full white, full green, etc. for a long time, so as to avoid current amplification, cable heating and short circuit failure. When playing a program at night, you can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the environment, which not only saves energy, but also prolongs the service life of the LED display.
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