Nov. 23, 2019

Ready for 2020 ISE|Audiovisual and System Integration Exhibition 2020

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2020 ISE exhibition is approaching, if you have plans to visit 2020 ISE, welcome to our booth No.:8-K479 at RAI, Netherland.

At 2020 ISE, we will show our main products, one is high brightness P40 led mesh screen, which could light in day, save energy, and light.

The another one, also our new designed product-P16-20, which is the highest density, resolution in led mesh screen.

Some Advantages of led mesh screen as below:
1, High transparency, suitable for building glass wall
2, Light weight, only 12-15g per dot, easy to install, especially better for large stage projects and large-scale building advertising display.
3, Front maintenance, quick and convenient maintenance with low cost.

Our new product P16-20 breaks through the limitations of large-pitch led mesh screens, the density is extremely high, and the original ones are suitable for large areas and can be applied to small areas now. It can be bright during the day and is flexible, lighter and more energy efficient than the led curtain display.

More information, please look forward to the Zhongrun Optoelectronics' exhibition in 2020ISE.
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