Chengdu Douyin Building P10LED Laminating Screen Project Case

  • Location: Chengdu ByteDance Building
  • Products: P10 film screen
  • Area: 373m²
LED film screen is a LED transparent display product that can be mounted. It is a sub-category of LED transparent display. The positioning of the film screen is that it is highly customized, and you can understand that it is a customized product. Where traditional transparent screen installation is difficult, the film screen can be arranged. This glass curtain wall project in Chengdu Byte Jump building in Sichuan province uses P10LED film screen. In the early confirmation of the size of each frame size to ensure that the construction will not be inconsistent with the size of the installation. Total area of 373 square meters, design brightness 3000/cd candela (candela) parameter brightness of 84%.