Expo 2020 Dubai Kuwait Pavilion 450 sq ft P10.4 Outdoor Transparent Screen

  • Location: Kuwait Pavilion, Dubai
  • Products: Outdoor Ice Screen
  • Area: 450m²
  • Model: P10.4 Outdoor Ice Screen
As a people who thrive in the unforgiving desert, Kuwaitis understand the importance of preserving their natural resources, and the Kuwait Pavilion at Expo 2020 shares this spirit with the world, focusing on all aspects of sustainability - from efficient new transportation networks to the smart homes of the future. The pavilion's architecture references the region's glowing sand and sunlight, while the towering central funnel pays homage to Kuwait City's distinctive conical water tower. Go inside to explore the re-imagined city, the interactive database and the one-of-a-kind "Fountain of Life," which showcases Kuwait's vision of a sustainable future through a dazzling visualization.