Jinan Side-illuminated P3.91 LED Transparent Screen 250 sq.ft.

  • Location: Ji'nan
  • Products: P3.91 Side-illuminated
  • Area: 250m²
The golden pig celebrates the new year, and welcomes the new year. Recently, the LED side-illuminated transparent screen project of Shandong Fashion Creative Center constructed by Zhongrun Optoelectronics has been successfully completed. The transparent screen is perfectly integrated with the glass curtain wall, which helps Lixia Holding to build a high-end commercial shopping center, promotes the overall enhancement of the commercial value of the project, and releases the urban commercial vitality of Jinan.
The project is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Quancheng Road and the provincial capital, the No.1 commercial street in Jinan, directly opposite Plaza 66, with a total construction area of about 70,000 square meters. As it is located in the most central business location and historical and cultural core area of Jinan, and surrounded by a number of tourist attractions such as Moat Park, Wulongtan, Baotu, etc., it makes the project both culturally and commercially attractive.
Differing from traditional commercial complexes, Shandong Fashion Creative Center consists of shopping centers and open antique commercial street area, in addition to the building facade full of historical flavor, the project interior through the combination of industrial and natural styles, the formation of modern fashion and creative design of commercial complexes. In the future, the project will take "fashion and culture" as its overall positioning and leadership, and through industrial links and overall renewal and upgrading, it will develop into the most fashionable and creative commercial highland in Jinan, leading the city's individualized consumption.
As a wholly state-owned group company approved by the People's Government of Lixia District, Jinan, Lixia Holding insists on creating value and serving the city's development as its focus. This cooperation, China Resources Photoelectric with its rich project experience, professionalism and stable and reliable products as the basis for a rapid response to customer needs, and actively help the project quickly landing, only about two weeks that is the completion of nearly 250 square meters of P3.91 side-illuminated transparent LED display installation, China Resources Photoelectric's high-quality products and services by the customer's praise.
Has always been, in the Run photoelectric always adhere to provide customers with high quality transparent screen products and services, from pre-sale design to product installation, and then to the after-sales support are tracking the whole process of optimization, service, eliminating the customer's worries. Our transparent screen products have been sought after and loved by the market, thanks to the majority of customers on the support of ROC Optoelectronics, ROC Optoelectronics will continue to strengthen the LED transparent display technology research and development and breakthroughs, expand the application of the product, so that the LED display to light up the world, so that the world is more transparent!