P55 mesh screen case-Hunan TV New Year's Eve Party

  • Location: Hunan,China
  • Model: P55-led mesh screen
Hunan TV New Year's Eve concert with "the light of music, the light of youth" in Haikou to create a city of hope for the future, full of ceremony to meet the first dawn of 2021! Luminatii 3000 square meters LED mesh screen gorgeous appearance!
Based on the persistent pursuit of continuous exploration, supported by science and technology, pure steel with light and shadow auxiliary materials will create a "city of the future" as the vision, through a very spatial texture and mechanical aesthetics of the symbolic imagery.
In order to achieve the best choreography design effect, boldly using pure steel structure to create the choreography program has become a major highlight of the choreography design. The center stage does not use any lifting, but dares to be the first to expose the structure of the device, through the rendering of light and shadow, so that the original cold steel contains emotion, full of temperature. The background is rendered with 3000 square meters of LED mesh screen of Luminatii, which can be both transparent and brilliantly blooming, colorful and so dominant!
Modeling, the use of mechanics and structural principles of scientific calculations, breakthrough "gravity", with intelligent mechanized movement, to build a life, emotion, vibration of youth, to the future of the stage art.