Jul. 11, 2019

16000 Square Meters Led Mesh Screen Delivered

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Zhongrun Optoelectronics undertook the LED mesh screen of the national key projects once again in this June.

The area is approaching 16,000 square meters, after more than a month of intense production, after an extremely rigorous inspection, now goods are loaded and shipped, will delivery to a big stage performance.

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Why does the national key project adopt the LED mesh screen of Zhongrun Optoelectronics?

1. The mesh screen has high transparency, strong installation adaptability, beautiful video color, high degree of matching in large-scale performances, and strong matching with other scenes.

2. In this project, the LED mesh screen will be applied to the content design of the image and the cooperation of the actors to create an artistic conception of “seeing the video without seeing the screen”, allowing the audience to watch the performance in an immersive manner.

3. Zhongrun Optoelectronics has many years of experience in the planning and implementation of large-scale projects, and has cooperated with key projects in many countries and achieved perfection in each project.

4. Zhongrun Optoelectronics' LED mesh screen is independently completed by Zhongrun Optoelectronics Factory from the procurement, production, testing and shipping of raw materials. All the links are strictly controlled, and the quality and post-implementation can be properly controlled.

Now the project has reached the critical stage of installation and commissioning. Zhongrun Optoelectronics' LED mesh screen has also entered the scene, and technicians are also working intensively.

In August, a beautiful and magnificent national key project will be staged in Shanxi. More exciting is worth our expectation. I also hope that Zhongrun Optoelectronics' LED mesh screen will add more highlights to this opening ceremony. Let us witness together!
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