Jul. 11, 2019

Luminatii Focus on LED Mesh Screen

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China's LED display industry has developed to this day, the market is unpredictable, consumer demand is changing with each passing day, and industry competition is rising,the industry changes caused by this are also one after another. Especially in recent years, the labor, raw materials and business operating costs have risen sharply. The “price war” of the LED display industry has continued to change, and the profits of enterprises have been cut again and again. In this case, quality and profit seem to be the opposite, let a lot of LED display manufacturers make it difficult.

The LED display industry has experienced a period of development from scratch, and then to the current stage of anxious state, the industry is gradually moving towards segmentation, diversification and customization. On the road of enterprise development, Luminatii has always been to meet the needs of customers' customized requirements, deepen the terminal market and explore the pain points of products. After years of insisting on product enhancement, the LED mesh screen independently developed by Luminatii is popular in various industries and is frequently active in many industries due to its unique advantages such as exquisite workmanship, crystal clear, no structure and easy disassembly. The stage of major international and domestic events is blooming and beautiful. Luminatii is taking a high-end customized route, the customer groups in this field are more demanding on products, a single functional product can no longer meet the needs of customers. Creativity has become an important consideration for the popularity of products, so Luminatii in the early days, Optoelectronics worked closely with foreign top design teams and integrated the most cutting-edge elements of the world with LED displays. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of the mesh screen of Zhongrun Optoelectronics and its application to various large-scale projects at home and abroad, Luminatii will be able to continue to shine in the LED display industry.
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