Apr. 18, 2020

Adhesive Led Transparent Screen

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Adhesive led transparent screen is one of our new products, which is more flexible and lighter than normal transparent screen, it is mainly used for architectural glass curtain walls to display high-definition pictures. It has the characteristics of high transparency, ultra-thin and light. The traditional LED display screen will block the view, the normal transparent screen will need some structre, but led transparent adhesive screen could be high transparency >85%, and stick on the glass directly without any structre. Adhesive led transparent screen is integrated with the building from the appearance, does not affect the original style of the building, and does not affect the lighting of the building. It has obvious technical advantages in the field of construction media .

Adhesive Led Transparent Screen

Led adhesive transparent screen features:


1. Ultra-thin and light, the thickness is about 3-4mm and the weight is 3kg/m²

2. High transparency, the structure is extremely simple and the transparency is up to 85%

3. Convenient installation, just tap the screen gently, and then connect the signal and power

4. Wide viewing angle, 140 ° to 160 °horizontal and vertical viewing angles, wide viewing range, no color cast

5. Cost saving, no structure, and the appearance of the building wont be changed, effectively saving transportation and installation costs

6. Flexible, and arbitrarily cut. Suitable for many applications.

Adhesive Led Transparent Screen


1. Building glass wall, city landmark high-rise

2. Glass windows of shops along the street.

3. Glass windows in banks, real estate, automobile 4S shops, etc.

4 Subway entrance

5. Lighting project, guardrails along the river, tall buildings

6. Decoration of various brand stores in large shopping malls, presentation walls of exhibition halls on each floor, usually used to decorate glass

Adhesive Led Transparent Screen

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