Jun. 20, 2020

Amazing Trade Show of Luminatii in 2020ISLE

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ISLE 2020 was postpone to August 31st to September 3rd.

ISLE 2020 is set to be held  at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World) with 160,000 ㎡ exhibition area. 

The four-day event will demonstrate screen display technology, audio-visual integrated system, LED & signage of more than 2000 exhibitors, bringing an immersive experience to global buyers.

Just come and go to our booth No.9D22 at Shenzhen World Exhibition, Convention Center.

New layout of the exhibition, we are here waiting for you.

Come and find Zhongrun to find multi-media attractions and innovative ways to advertise.

Zhongrun New Tech Show Time at ISLE 2020

Creative Products will be Shown in 2020ISLE

Luminatii Technology Co., Ltd

As a solution provider, committed to provide a right solution for each project, we are now busy preparing the exhibition in ISLE2020.

We are good at project planning, turning the first idea over concepts to the final design to fully meet your project needs.

Transparent screen, transparent adhesive screenphotoelectronics glass screentransparent film screen and mesh screen will be shown in this exhibition. 



>>>>Led transparent screen


With customized pixel pitch from 3.91mm-10.41mm and high transparency, the screen can combine with the building facade freely. 

And outdoor transparent screen is designed for outdoor application(glass wall, building surface etc), which requires high resolution, light weight and high transparency.

Zhongrun led transparent screen in 2020ISLE


>>>>Led TRansparent adhesive screen

Transparent adhesive screen is as thin as a piece of paper, and without block in the middle, it images completely.

The pixel pitch can be customized from P2.5 to P40.

Zhongrun led transparent adhesive screen in 2020ISLE


>>>>Led photoelectronics glass screen

With high transparency up to 95%, the photoelectronics glass screen uses commercial vehicles such as glass and showcases to display commercial advertising information to users. 

The pixel pitch can be customized from P4-P31.25 and the grey scale can truly up to 16Bit.


LED photoelectronics glass screen



>>>>Led transparent film screen

Led transparent film screen is a revolution in display technology, can be pasted to existing glass surface, owing to its special self-adhesive material. 

High transparency provides more space for the screen to integrate with building, make the building more beauty with vivid color.

Zhongrun led transparent film screen in 2020ISLE


>>>>Led mesh screen

With flexible structure, mesh screen can do all kinds of artistic design,such as: spherical, Christmas tree and so on.

With pixel pitch from P16-P100 and IP66, there are four types of dots for you to choose.

Zhongrun led mesh screen in 2020ISLE


>>>>Previous exhibition

With rich experience in participating in numerous exhibitions, we are confident to provide you with good service and excellent exhibition experienceserve for you.

From pre-sale design to after-sales service, we turn installations of the screen to true eye-catchers.

LED screen exhibition in Shenzhen

LED video display exhibition led mesh screen


>>>>Intergrate countless demands into one source

We like to help you out with the most creative designs of LED display, we advise you on the best products and we install where you want to have it. 

Do you have specific requirements? 

That's no problem for us because all our solutions are custom made. 

The creative possibilities are almost endless.

Looking forward to creating a better future with you!




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