Feb. 22, 2022

2023 Starts with the ISE 2023

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2023 Starts with the ISE 2023

                2023 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the largest professional AV and systems integration exhibition in Europe, ended perfectly, it was on 31 January-3 February 2023 in Barcelona. There were many professional suppliers of the audiovisual industry, Zhongrun showed the latest transparent screens at the ISE exhibition, and let the client feel the technology of transparent screens at a close distance.


Gran Vía, Fira Barcelona, Spain


               In this exhibition, our P3.9-7.8 outdoor transparent screen is very popular, many clients expressed “it is the product we are looking for”. This is our smallest pitch outdoor transparent screen, it is not only for stage events use but also for fixed installation, the curved or right-angle splicing increases the possibilities of the installations.

P3.9-7.8 Outdoor Transparent Screen

                With the stability of P3.9 indoor transparent screen, more and more people pursued the higher resolution transparent screen, our P2.6 indoor transparent screen could meet high density and high brightness, when the application area is small or have a more close viewing distance, P2.6 led transparent display is a suitable solution.

 P2.6 Indoor Transparent Screen

               Unlike the traditional transparent led screen, adhesive transparent screen could stick behind the glass directly, and higher transparent without a frame, it is more suitable for the chain store and shopping malls with customized sizes. We developed them in 2020, it was glad to let more clients know about them after the Covid19.

    Adhesive Transparent Screen

           The fine pitch led display is the trend all the time, in order to expand our market in the led display industry, we also produce indoor flexible led modules, we have P1.25 P1.5 P1.8 P2.5 with 240x120mm and 320x160mm, multiple choice for your reference, the wave shape offered an outstanding display performance.


                 Flexible Led Module

The DIP led curtain display on the wall is P25-16, when providing the solution for the client, we are always asked “do you have a led display which brightness is more than 7000nits, we face the sunlight directly” we believe that the DIP led curtain display is the answer, the display can face the intense light and extreme temperature environments.

 DIP Led Curtain Display


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