Apr. 06, 2023

Come to Visit Zhongrun Booth at 2023ISLE in Shenzhen

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ISLE 2023 will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 7 to 9, 2023. As one of the most popular exhibitors at ISLE, Zhongrun will appear with a series of outstanding LED displays that suitable for a variety of application scenarios. From the traditional display wall to the creative screen and than to the new floor screen, constructing a three-dimensional immersive space for visitors. Zhongrun will continue to bring visitors extraordinary experience with the most reliable service and the most brilliant display.


Indoor transparent screen, also called "ice screen" because of its ultra thin and transparency. The ice screen has a high transparency rate of 75%, it offers outstanding display performance behind the glass wall without affecting the indoor lighting. In addition, the single cabinet with light weight also makes it easy to install and maintain.|


Different from the indoor transparent led screen, the outdoor transparent led display has higher brightness and waterproof level(IP65). The outdoor rental transparent screen usually for outdoor stage use, the stage with our outdoor transparent screen could acheive more excellent visual feast, and the die-casting aluminum material makes it stronger and can be applied to kinds of outdoor environments like outdoor fixed installtion screen.


If a glass window, glass wall, or other curved curtain wall requires an LED display, then the adhesive LED transparent display is the best choice. It is easy to install and can be attached directly to the glass window without affecting the original structure and appearance. At the same time, its transparency up to 85%, without visual impact on the original building. 


The flexible LED module made of FRC material. In addition to being ultra-light and ultra-thin, it is also super flexible. It is suitable for a variety of creative shape display effects and installation methods. It is simple to install and easy to maintain. The cylindrical screen body of this exhibition is spliced by it.


For the first time in the industry, the curtain display has an IP67 protection level, effectively extending the lifespan of the product. The screen is made of aluminum alloy material, which ensures that it works trouble-free at temperatures -30 C° to 60 C°. High transparency and brightness make it suitable for outdoor large facade display.

Stylish, beautiful, creative spherical display is always impressive, which often used in museums, science and technology museum, exhibition hall and other places. You will see a spherical screen with one meter diameter  in this exhibition. 360 degree viewing angle, high refresh and clear image, presenting you a vivid audio-visual effect.

Our new product, the floor led screen has super strong load-bearing capacity( up to 2500 kg /sqm), which is suitable for various large-scale activities indoors and outdoors.It adopts power supply dual backup technology to ensuring the maintenance and lifespan of the LED display. Besides that, it can reach a high refresh rate of 7680H to bring excellent visual effects.

This is a great opportunity to meet. Feel free to drop by to View the products ,grab a coffee and talk with our team. We'll be expecting you at 9 C16.


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