Apr. 19, 2023

See you at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2023

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The annual Prolight + Sound exhibition will open again from April 25-28th in Frankfurt, Germany. As the largest international communication platform in the global lighting and sound industry, it offers an excellent chance for product and technology exchange. This four-day audio-visual feast will bring a shocking audio-visual experience to all visitors. At that time,  Zhongrun will participate in the whole event and look forward to your joining! In line with the concept of high 

quality, good service and continuous innovation, Zhongrun keeps pace with the times and focuses on the needs of the market and customers, with years of experience, it has been in the leading position in the industry and enjoys a great reputation. A range of advanced high quality LED screens will be on display, which designed for special environments in indoor and outdoor.



Are you looking for a LED display with high definition and great flexibility? If so, keep your eyes on here. Softness and thinness are its main features. It breaks through the traditional LED display in the regular shape of the restriction. With high compressive strength and resistance to deformation, it’s suitable for variety of creative shape display effect and installation mode. Its seamless design and good flatness enable excellent display performance,bringing unique and high-end visual experience to the audience. In addition, the magnetic module design enables quick installation and convenient maintenance.


The outdoor transparent screen is relatively brighter than indoor transparent display and has a higher IP rating (IP65). The LED transparent screen is innovative based on the traditional LED transparent screen. It not only use for rental, but also for outdoor fixed installation. The cabinet is 8kg per panel, and the die-casting aluminum material makes it stronger and can be applied to kinds of outdoor environments like outdoor fixed installtion screen.


This is the first demonstration of the new product we have been fully developing recently. As a ground screen display, super strong bearing power and protective force is its main characteristics, more than 2500 kg /sqm of loading capacity makes it suitable for a variety of large-scale activities. Meanwhile, its high brightness and excellent water-proof performance (Front IP65, Back IP54) can meet the needs of indoor and outdoor sites. Furthermore, it adopts power supply dual backup technology to prolong the service life of the power supply while ensuring the lifespan of the LED display. The most important thing is that it can reach a high refresh rate of 7680Hz, so the display effect is clear and brings splendid visual effects.


In addition to displaying audio-visual related products this time around. There will be also professional technical teams, it's also great to drop by for a chat or to discuss any LED projects or queries you may have. We are waiting for you at Messe Frankfurt!


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