May. 16, 2023

Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2023 Held Successfully

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The Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2023 exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany was held from April 25th to 28th. The new products, classic products, and related solutions developed by Zhongrun were presented, creating a wonderful audio-visual feast for the global audience and getting widely praised.


The Dance floor screen, as a new product on display for the first time, was the focus of the exhibition. It attracted the attention of every client with its beautiful appearance and excellent display performance. Its super load-bearing capacity of 2500kg/㎡ and the setting of dual power backup won customers praise. In addition, its waterproof IP65, lightweight, hard-wearing, and quick to install and maintain design won the customer's words"This is exactly what I want!”


With good softness and flexibility, our flexible led screen is suitable for all kinds of customization. P1.25, P1.5, P1.8, P2.5, and other fine pitch options are available, perfect for indoor exhibitions. If you have any creative displays, pick them!


As one of our hot-selling products, the outdoor rental transparent screen has been welcomed by customers at home and abroad. Although the location of the display was not obvious, it still caught the eyes of many customers. The cabinet is designed with high protection, high transparency, and easy maintenance, such as IP65, 90° right angle, cube, U-shaped screen installation, etc. so that it can be widely used in different environments and meet the various installation needs of customers.


The four-day exhibition came to a perfect end, but the story of Zhongrun will continue to move forward. Welcome your inquiry and get more product information and project solutions.



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