Sep. 09, 2023

Hologram Transparent Film Screen

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After a period of effort, Zhongrun officially launched the latest product for the market ---- holographic film screen, which is clearer and more transparent, indicating a new step towards led transparent screen technology.

Based on the design concept of transparency, aesthetics, and clarity, this product innovates in the driving method and product architecture to achieve ultra-thin, high-definition, high-brightness, and high transparency, which greatly meet the display of high-class shop windows.

Adopting light and driving integrated design, the holographic film screen without a PC carrier shows a superb heat dissipation effect. Its keel-less structure and grid-like panels allow for 80% transparency while the brightness is up to 5000 nits. In addition, it can be bent and arbitrarily cut into the desired shape with excellent softness to meet more applications. It can be applied in many fields, such as window displays in shopping malls or 4S stores, artwork displays in museums, background displays for stage performances, etc.

 We currently have P2.5, P3.9 and P6.25 models available. For more information please feel free to contact us.


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