Nov. 05, 2022

Amazing to See Luminatii is in ISLE 2021 Showing the Amazing Led Displays

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The ISLE 2021 exhibition was hold smoothly. As an important exhibition in led industry, 

there are numerous led screen suppliers and visitors.

Luminatii has shown different LED display solutions in ISLE 2021. 

Like All-in-one LED solution, creative commercial display solution, 4K fine pitch LED solution, 

malposed combination commercial LED solution, rental LED solution, outdoor fixed solution, and so on. 



With glue-filling technoly, our P3.9-8.9 outdoor led transparent screen achieves elegent design for glass wall and building facade.



To fulfill a 2K, 4K, 8K resolution, our fine pitch led display with ultra-thin design, 

which is suitable for conference meeting, command and control center, radio and television studios.



Amazing to see the innovative GOB P2.6 Led rental screen is also shown in the ISLE 2021.

With front service and perfect displaying effect, which combine the dance floor led screen perfectly, 

it's ideal for all kinds of important events.



Finally, we are so proud to see that Luminatii won the Technology Innovation Enterprise Award during the ISLE 2021.












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