Nov. 05, 2022

"Asian Culture Carnival" won the special recommendation of the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards Jury

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"Asian Culture Carnival" won the special recommendation 

of the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards Jury




U-Dot is a full-color Led strip, featuring 3D light and shadow effects, 360°visual feast,

which is widely used in artistic and recreational activities.

We are proud that our product could be applied for international activity.



More details, please go to the related product link:




Directed by Yang Dongsheng, Zhongrun is honored to 

undertake the largest 3D led strips project in Asia.



3D led strips are increasingly becoming the sought 

after three-dimensional display design of the world's large stage.



The "Asian Cultural Carnival" uses the content quality of excellence and ingenious programming 

to allow all audiences to appreciate the colorful charm of Asian civilization,the broad heritage 

of Chinese civilization, and the profound friendship between the people of Asian countries.



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