Oct. 24, 2023

Luminatii LED Screens in the 4th Asian Para Games Opening Ceremony

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On the evening of October 22, the opening ceremony of the 4th Asian Para Games was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium. During the event, as a representative image of the opening ceremony, "Golden Osmanthus" has been constantly changing from "Flower of Golden Osmanthus" to "Corolla of Golden Osmanthus" to "Tree of Golden Osmanthus". Through technological means, various forms of expression such as singing and dancing performances and themed short films have been integrated, conveying beauty and blessings to athletes and all audiences from various countries with full attention points.



Many facilities and equipment at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games were "reused" at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Games. At this opening ceremony, under the leadership of Chief Director Sha Xiaolan and the main creative team, Luminatii Optoelectronics fully utilized the innovative power of high-tech ground screens and screen screens, and together with the performers, shared a friendship of "integration of disabled and healthy". The scene not only bloomed with osmanthus flowers, but also brought the sparkling West Lake to the stage in another way, further demonstrating the outstanding brilliance of advanced technology.


With the opening of the theme chapter of "Heart to Heart Appointment", the iconic scenery of Hangzhou is presented on the screen, showcasing Hangzhou's sincere invitation to Asia once again. In terms of visual design, the image of the screen and the ground image form a double bridge embrace of multi-dimensional space, embodying the deep friendship of Asia's mountains and rivers connected and united.


In addition, this opening ceremony performance integrates traditional culture and uses Chinese seal cutting art to showcase Eastern aesthetics, achieving a creative combination of Chinese romance and sportsmanship. The artistic performance "Brave Forward" uses the artistic expression of "gold and stone seal carving" to interpret the spirit of hard work of disabled athletes who are "sincere and open to gold and stone", and responds to the profound theme of "dancers and wheelchair dancers perfectly dance together, three-dimensional shaping of disabled health and integration".


A "Golden Osmanthus Flower" to 22 groups of Golden Osmanthus flower clusters, from dispersion to convergence, sometimes forming flowing water, sometimes forming an arch bridge, will ultimately form a huge "Golden Osmanthus Flower Crown" in the air, conveying the beautiful meaning of "chasing dreams and winning laurels" to every athlete.



At four good times, we celebrate the grand event together. On the stage of the opening ceremony, Su Di Spring Dawn, Qu Yuan Wind Lotus, Pinghu Autumn Moon, Broken Bridge Snow, Flower Harbor Fish Watching, Willow Waves Smelling Orioles, Three Ponds Printing Moon, Double Peaks Inserting Clouds, Thunder Peak Sunset, Nanping Evening Bell, and ten scenic spots of West Lake were brought onto the stage, covering spring, summer, autumn and winter, morning, noon, dim night, clear fog, wind and snow, flowers, birds, insects, and fish. Vivid scenes emerged one by one, showcasing the beauty of coexistence between technology and culture.


In this opening ceremony, Luminatii Optoelectronics actively innovated scene references with the assistance of high-tech ground screens and mesh screens, creating unique technological highlights through more warm ways. The digital and colorful scene presents a panoramic view of the story of disabled people striving for self-improvement, the dreams of athletes striving for success, the warmth and care of Hangzhou people, and the hopeful wishes of Asians. It not only highlights the beauty of Hangzhou and China, but also leaves behind an eternal classic of the Asian Paralympic Games.

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