Oct. 19, 2023

Luminatii 6000m² LED Mesh Screen in the 19th Asian Games Closing Ceremony

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When mountains and rivers meet, there will always be a farewell. On the evening of October 8th, the closing ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held as scheduled at the "Big Lotus" stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. Under the leadership of Chief Director Sha Xiaolan, Luminatii has teamed up with various technical teams to create the "most beautiful garden" on a 6000 square meter transparent mesh screen, using high-tech digital visual imaging to leave a precious "Hangzhou Asian Games memory" for people.

That day coincided with the "Cold Dew" in the 24 solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar, which was the season of alternating lotus and cinnamon in Hangzhou. The closing ceremony, with the overall theme of "Hangzhou is the most memorable city", featured two programs: "Radiant Together at this moment" and "Lotus and Gui Bringing Prosperity Together". We bid farewell to guests from all over the world with the help of lotus and osmanthus flowers, hoping to reunite again in the future. From anticipation to meeting, from reunion to farewell, compose a carnival song of farewell to Hangzhou and gathering in Asia.


The natural sound of "Jiangnan is good" wafts throughout the audience, outlining the Jiangnan landscape of "water moistening all things and penetrating spiritual light". Amidst the charm of Jiangnan and the abundance of all things, the carnival festive song, which belongs to the closing ceremony, officially kicked off.

At the closing ceremony, Luminatii technology team once again demonstrated the beauty of technology using advanced LED displays. The 6000 square meter transparent mesh screen, combined with the first CNC lawn in the history of the Asian Games, cleverly outlines colorful and ever-changing images, vividly showcasing the ecological charm of Hangzhou's green waters and green mountains, and expressing the historical friendship of Asia's "mountains and rivers are connected, and cultural blind dates".


In response to the theme of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, 19 giant osmanthus flowers growing upwards, along with the surrounding AR dazzling flowers, together form a thriving "Asian Garden", conveying the beautiful wish of "winning the laurel" in a highly romantic artistic form.


Since the Tang and Song dynasties, "climbing flowers through grass" has been a highly representative "farewell gift" and one of the most romantic scenes of Chinese farewell. The closing ceremony inherits the Chinese farewell ceremony with the theme of "climbing flowers to give friends", and effectively conveys the harmonious coexistence of "lotus and osmanthus" through the prosperous scenery of three autumn osmanthus seeds and ten mile lotus flowers.

Every athlete is a hero. For more than ten days, athletes have been fighting bravely and sweating on the field, and these touching moments have gathered on the screen to help recall those unforgettable classic moments in the competition. The sweat and tears of the Asian Games athletes condensed into the "dewdrop girl" in the center of the lotus leaf. Since ancient times, the lotus has had the meaning of "harmony", and the large lotus leaves highlight the hope of "one Asian family, one world" for harmony and beauty, further interpreting the spirit of friendly competition, mutual assistance and win-win in the Asian Games.

The lotus is like the posture of an Asian Games athlete fighting hard, and the osmanthus represents glory and harvest. When the "lotus and osmanthus girl" lightly steps and dances and leaps across the venue, the lotus and osmanthus shine, resonate with heaven and earth, and run in both directions, condensing the "Asian Games memory flower" of struggle and glory, rising and blooming with great enthusiasm. These unforgettable moments


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